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Jerry Emanuel
Jerry Emanuel

I have been writing songs since I was 15 and did a lot of original material from age 16 to 26 in a gospel group that travel over 3 states. My writing continued but at a slow pace due to family, community and church life. In the past 5-6 years I’ve picked up the pace again and have much more time to dedicate to my music.

However, it’s been a frustrating stretch trying to hook up with a local song writing group or publishers or writers that are published. Each venture has resulted in a dead end due to a lack of organized effort or lack of consistent interest. Then in September of 2010 a writer friend suggested NSAI. I contacted Pete Travis of the Tulsa chapter and attended the next available meeting and songwriter’s night. Wow! I am pumped and totally thrilled with the leadership, participation and friendships I’m developing here.
Next I joined NSAI in November and accessed the web site. After several bone dry years I thought I’d died and gone to writers’ heaven. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned and benefitted from this web site. The video library, event schedule and staff are all A+ .  I’m proud to be a member of NSAI.

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