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Lifetime Membership
It’s always a great time to become a Lifetime Member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International!

NSAI needs your continued support of our efforts on behalf of songwriters in Congress!

In May 2006, Congress passed the "SONGWRITER’S CAPITAL GAINS TAX EQUITY ACT" this equity measure, envisioned by the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), applies when an American songwriter sells a catalogue of songs. Decades ago songwriters were changed from one tax-reporting category to another but, through an oversight, language allowing songwriters the same business deduction as others was not changed. This resulted in a situation where the songwriter and their joint-venture publishing partners were taxed at different rates. When songwriters sold a “catalogue” they paid ordinary income taxes AND self-employment taxes that could amount to more than 40% of their income from the sale. This bill gives songwriters up to 30% greater return on the sale of their most important asset – their songs!

Passage of this bill is just one example of how NSAI’s efforts in Congress bring the songwriters’ voice to the forefront on issues that affect your career and your pocketbook. With changes in technology and broadcast media, NSAI needs your ongoing support more than ever to stand up for this American art form!

Your Lifetime Membership dues of $2,000* will help keep NSAI in the room when critical decisions about your livelihood are being made!

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*NSAI is a 501 (c) 6 not-for-profit trade association. A portion (aprox. 80%) of Lifetime Membership dues is tax-deductible as a business expense. The actual deductible amount is determined by our accountant at the end of the year and will be provided to you in January of the next calendar year.

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