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I Don’t Live In Nashville, How Can NSAI Help Me?

NSAI can help all songwriters of all genres no matter where they are.  There are many ways to stay connected from other states and internationally.  Here are my best suggestions:

Your local chapter. We have over 140 chapters in the U.S. and internationally.  My suggestion is that you call your regional chapter coordinators to tell them you’re a new NSAI member and that you’d like to get involved with the local chapter.  All of our chapters are required to meet at least once a month.  Regional meetings and events are a great way to connect locally and find co-writers, build a fan base, and make connections to the music community where you are.

Webcasts. Every week, we have workshops here at the NSAI building that are free to members.  Even if you can’t be in Nashville, you can still attend the workshops from your house through our webcasts!  We have industry pros from all parts of the business teaching classes on everything music business.   They are an INVALUABLE resource, a great way to learn, and a great way to network!

In the first five minutes of an NSAI workshop, you learn the speaker’s name, company, and role within the industry.  Look the company up and find this person’s email address.  Send them an email THANKING them for investing in songwriters.  Don’t send them any music – just send them a thank you note telling them three things you learned from them that you are thankful for.  Sure enough, the next time you can take a trip to Nashville, you’ll run into these pros!  Nashville is a small town; when you see them, walk up, introduce yourself and tell them you’re glad you can finally thank them in person.  They will appreciate this and you will have a reason to approach them and a topic of conversation!   There are 5 years worth of archived webcasts – that‘s over 85 hours of workshops with industry pros who would be great to know!  Network by watching these!

Song Evaluations. Every time you send in a song for evaluation, it’s like walking up and down Music Row handing out CDs. That’s because our song evaluators take the most pitchable songs (the songs most ready to be recorded by artists) and recommend them to our “Pitch to Publisher” Luncheons, which happen four times a year. Basically how they work is we invite 20-30 of the top publishers in Nashville to come have lunch with us at the NSAI building. We play them 25 of our members’ most promising songs. So far, we’ve had 150 publishing deals come out of these luncheons and our monthly Nashville “Pitch to Publisher” workshops, many of which involve members who don’t live in Nashville!

Mentoring Sessions. With your NSAI membership each year, you get 2 hour-long one-on-one mentoring sessions.  In these Nashville-based sessions, one of our pro staff will listen to three of your songs and really get a feel for the big picture of your whole career.  Then, they’ll have many personalized suggestions for which direction to focus your music and your energies to get the most out of your songwriting talent.  These have helped countless members start out on the right foot in the industry, and they can be done by phone no matter where you are!

NSAI Online Forums. Our online forums are constantly being posted to by songwriters just like you as well as industry pros. I suggest taking advantage of this as yet another mobile networking opportunity.

NSAI Worksheets. We have all sorts of free worksheets and information that will help give you great ideas for how to make connections and keep them from anywhere.  Check out other articles in this section to get your questions answered.

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