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1000 Songwriting Ideas
Author - Lisa Aschmann

When our creativity is freeflowing and we are having fun, we are most likely to come up with a song that is fresh.There are 1000 exercises in this book, and you certainly could use a single idea to generate dozens of songs.

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101 Songwriting Wrongs And How To Right Them: How to Craft and Sell Your Songs
Authors - Pat and Pete Luboff

101 SONGWRITING WRONGS AND HOW TO RIGHT THEM is the latest update of a book that covers both craft and business.  The book is loosely organized and written in a relaxed, engaging style.

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12 Steps To Building Better Songs
Authors - Pat and Pete Luboff

12 STEPS TO BUILDING BETTER SONGS is a spiral-bound instruction manual that outlines how to write a commercial song in 12 easy steps.  Although just 20-some pages long, the booklet is packed with pithy information that boils a song down to its essentials.  It’s a really insightful manual covering the fundamentals.

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6 Steps To Songwriting Success: The Comprehensive Guide to Writing & Marketing Hit Songs
Author - Jason Blume

6 STEPS deals with both the craft and the business of songwriting, but its major emphasis is on craft. This is a straightforward, streamlined text that lays out its information clearly and concisely.  One of the big pluses of the book is its use of checklists.

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All You Need to Know About the Music Business: Seventh Edition
Author - Donald S. Passman

It’s not an introductory work – it has lots of details on all aspects of the business. Topics covered include songwriting deals, publishing, record deals, royalties, and much more.

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Art of Songwriting

Author - Casey Kelley and David Hodge

Songwriting is an art, but fortunately it's an art you can learn. If you have song ideas but don't know how to combine them with the right lyrics and melodies to express yourself, you've come to the right place. This helpful guide is packed with everything a beginner songwriter needs to know to hit all the right notes.

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The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path To Higher Creativity
Author - Julia Cameron

THE ARTIST'S WAY focuses on dealing with the personal stuff -- getting in touch with creativity and developing self-confidence.  There are 12 chapters, each pertaining to a different step in creative "recovery." 

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Bird By Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life
Authors - Anne Lamott

This book contains insights on writing, the writing process, and the writer’s life. The title? When Anne Lamott’s brother was a young boy, he had a school report to do on birds and he was feeling overwhelmed. He turned to his dad, and his father told him to just do it “bird by bird.” 

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Music Money And Success

Music Money And Success 7th EditionAuthors - Jeffery Brabec & Todd Brabec

It tells you HOW THE BUSINESS WORKS – WHAT YOU MUST KNOW TO SUCCEED – AND HOW MUCH MONEY YOU CAN MAKE in Films, Television, Video Games, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, Record Sales, Downloads and Streams, Advertising Commercials, Ringtones and Ringbacks, Interactive Dolls and Toys, Broadway, New Media, Scoring Contracts and Synch Licenses, Music Publishing, Foreign Countries and MUCH MORE.

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The Craft and Business of Songwriting, 3rd Edition
Author - John Braheny

The book is divided into 2 broad areas, the Craft and the Business.The subtitle on the cover is “A practical guide to creating and marketing artistically and commercially successful songs.”

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The Craft of Lyric Writing
Author - Sheila Davis

This book probably covers the fundamentals of lyric writing more thoroughly than any other book.  It features more than 300 pages of explanations of song forms, rhyme schemes, rhythms, and figures of speech. This is an excellent book for beginners and a valuable reference work for the more advanced.

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The Craft Of Writing Hit Songs
Author- Odie Blackmon

This instructional DVD covers the songwriting elements like melody, lyrics, structure and relates them to songs from different musical genres. The video feels more like a private songwriting session than a classroom tutorial and offers the tools for all skill levels.

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Denny Sarokin Presents “Lick*tionary": The Songwriter’s Guide to Great Guitar DVD (2 DVDs & CD workbook)
Author - Denny Sarokin

LICK*TIONARY consists of about 3 hours of material spread over 2 DVDs.  There are more than 30 lessons here, in which Denny Sarokin demonstrates various guitar techniques that can help the guitar-playing songwriter both compose and perform his or her songs.

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Diamond on the 1
Author - Jonathan Riggs

IIf you want to be a professional musician — or just want them to play your songs — you need to be able to read and write number charts. In this compact, 24-page "gig bag book," Jonathan Riggs reveals the ins and outs of this shorthand notation by explaining the 3 foundational concepts of the Nashville Number System, common notational practices, and variations for minor keys.

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Jonathan Riggs
Dictionary of American Idioms
Authors - Adam Makkai, M.T. Boatner, and J.E. Gates

It contains over 8,000 idiomatic words and expressions. This dictionary is best used for providing springboards for inspiration.

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Dictionary of Cliches
Author - James Rogers

This is a terrific A to Z listing of the meanings and origins of over 2,000 common or particularly interesting clichés.

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Dictionary Of Everyday American English Expressions Presented According to Topic and Situation
Authors - Richard A. Spears, Betty Birner, and Steven Kleinedler

The authors might intend it to be used by non-English speakers who are learning the nuances of English. This book is a great source of potential titles and ideas. It’s also a valuable reminder of the potential impact of a single word, a repeated syllable, a shortened line or an extended line.

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The Do's & Don'ts of Music Row Or…How after 5 long years I finally landed a writing deal!
Author - Liz Hengber

How do I get in to see a Publisher? Where do I start? Help!
If you don't know how to begin your search for a writing deal, start with this book. It's a quick read and a great handbook for songwriters who are ready to hit music row.

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Gary Talley's Guitar Playing For Songwriters (DVD & booklet)
Author - Gary Talley

This 51-minute DVD is a tool for the guitarist/songwriter who enjoys some multimedia instruction. A separate booklet provides chord diagrams and charts.

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Guitar Pull: Conversations with Country Music’s Legendary Songwriters
Author - Philip Self

16 interviews with classic country songwriters who wrote many of the best songs of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

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If You Want To Write: A Book About Art, Independence And Spirit
Author - Brenda Euland

This book contains insights on writing, the writing process and the writer’s life. IF YOU WANT TO WRITE dates from 1938. It’s considered a classic on the process of writing.

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If You've Got A Dream, I've Got A Plan – How To Get Your Songs Heard by Music Industry Professionals
Author - Kelley Lovelace

This book will arm any aspiring songwriter with the information they need to enter a highly competitive world – a world that is potentially rewarding both financially and artistically. From “how do I get the right people to hear my songs?” to “how do royalties work?”, this book talks about it all.  

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Inside Songwriting
Author - Jason Blume

A quote from the back cover of INSIDE SONGWRITING: “…the book offers encouragement, comfort, and hope in its richly detailed, no-holds-barred account of the author’s long, and often difficult, climb to the top of his profession. In addition, it provides practical advice, valuable tools, and instructive exercises for every songwriter, whether you’re at the start of your career, or are well on your journey.”

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Makin' Stuff Up
Author - Rand Bishop

The book deals with the do’s and don’ts of songcraft by inviting the reader into the actual decision-making process that leads to a solidly written pop song.

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Music Row Magazine: Artist Roster Report

The Artist Roster Report, printed once a year, gives extensive information on the artist rosters of Nashville-based country, Contemporary Christian, and independent record companies.  The issue also includes listings of personnel in the A&R departments at those same companies.

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