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Relocating to Nashville?
Relocating to Nashville?

At NSAI we interact with many songwriters who are from out of town.  Through learning the music industry and developing their songwriting skills, many decide to relocate to Nashville.  As much as change can be adventure, what most often happens is that the details overwhelm and the relocation process becomes very discouraging and confusing.

How & Why Do I Copyright A Song?

Check out this article that explains the need for copyrighting your music as well as a few quick tips on how to get started.

*Required reading

I’m Afraid Someone is Going to Steal My Song

Practical tips for protecting your copyrights & reducing your risk of liability for copyright infringement.

*Required Reading

Learn To Speak the Language of the Music Industry

With every industry comes a set of wording that is specific to that field; the music business is no different. Check out this quick list of compiled definitions so you can learn to speak the language of the music industry.

*Required reading

I Don’t Live In Nashville, How Can NSAI Help Me?
"I don’t live in Nashville; how can NSAI help me?  How do I stay connected?"
Making the Most Of Your NSAI Membership
Maximize your membership, read this now!
Networking Through NSAI Divisions Outside Of Nashville
How to utilize local workshops, technology, and other networking methods to connect with other songwriters.
Open Mics, Writers Nights, and Artist Venues In Nashville

Read the list of top venues to play in Nashville.

Tips For Finding & Creating Successful Co-writes
Co-writing is a unique experience that involves a great amount of trust and collaboration.  No matter where you are located, it is possible to get connected with like-minded creative writers and begin writing music together!
What Is Unsolicited Material?
Learn what unsolicited material is and how unknown writers get their music to people who can do something with it.
Will An Artist Put Music To My Lyric?
If you "just write the words," learn if an artist will put music to your lyric, if you can pay someone to put music to them and if it is worth paying someone to pitch your lyrics to artists and publishers.
Writers Night Check List
Questions to ask yourself to make your live performance the best it can be.
Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading

This list of recommended reading is suggested for you to deepen your understanding of the craft and business of songwriting.


Common Industry Questions
Common Industry Questions
Check out even more Q&A articles to help guide you.
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