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Song Evaluator Bios

NOTE: Some evaluators do not work all year long and may not be available by request for online submissions.


Our song evaluators are carefully selected to maintain the level of excellence we intent to give our members so they keep growing and learning to be the best songwriters. To help ensure an honest and unbiased view of your songs, song evaluator’s identities will be blind. Meaning you will not know who they are, just like they don’t know who you are. Identities will change every 6 months.


Below you’ll find evaluators listed with the genres they specialize in.


Evaluator 2:   Country, Pop, Rock

Evaluator 9:   Country, Film/TV, Pop, R&B, Rock

Evaluator 18: Country, Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B,  Rock

Evaluator 22: Country, Pop, Rock

Evaluator 27: Americana, Modern Country, Pop, Rock

Evaluator 39: Contemporary Christian, Country, Pop

Evaluator 33: Americana, Alternative, Country, Indie, Jazz, Musical Theater, Pop

Evaluator 46: Country, Gospel, Pop

Evaluator 63: Country

Evaluator 75: Christian, Country, Jazz, Pop

Evaluator 81:  American/Folk, Blues, Jazz, Traditional Country, Rock

Evaluator 107: Alternative, Country, Hip Hop/Rap, Pop


Before you contact the evaluations department, be sure to check out the F.A.Q. section of the website. Many of the questions you may have concerning the song evaluation process and song requirements are listed there along with other helpful information.

*If you need to reach the Evaluations Department, please e-mail Amanda Toney at atoney@nashvillesongwriters.com

Amanda Toney
Song Evaluations Director
(615) 256-3354, x223